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I started writing seriously while I was raising a family and working full time. Somehow, I managed to carve out time to write, a little at a time. For me, researching the history behind the stories was as engrossing as writing the stories themselves. I put my writing away when my daughters were teenagers, but after they were grown and I had retired, I pulled out the old manuscripts, rewrote, researched some more and edited - and edited again. Recently, I've been able to publish my first two novels: Fighting Chance, A Novel of the Wyoming Territory and River Song, A Romance of the Missouri. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed the process of writing!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Journey of a Writer into Authorship

Back in the Day
I'm excited about having been published on Amazon Kindle.  Actually, getting published is a milestone for any writer who aspires to be an author.  In my case, it was a long time coming.  Writing Fighting Chance, a Novel of the Wyoming Territory, began when my daughter could still be persuaded to take a nap.  Now, my sweet child puts her own baby down for naps.
War and Peace probably didn't take as long to write, but, unlike Tolstoy, I had a day job and no servants.  It's been a wonderful journey, all the same!
I'm also learning from other writers, and exploring their blogs to see how they publish and market their books.  An interesting blog I found today is On Writing and (sometimes) Publishing.